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General Information

Available on:PCMay 19, 2016

Developer: NotGames

Genre: Action

War. War is Hell. A special Hell. A special warry death hell. You are Private Suds Sudzington Jr and you find yourself dropped arse-firstwards into this Hell. Warry warry death Hell. Behind enemy lines. Fighting to survive. A war. From the team behind NotGTAV, comes a delightfully British romp through the quaint village of St. Bumley on the Taint. Lovingly cartooned, poorly voiced and funnier than Donald Trump's foreign policy.

NotCoD Critic Reviews

NotCoD is sometimes funny and fun to listen to, but that doesn't overcome its tediousness and technical incompetence.

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While [NotCoD] does offer a campaign mode and a similar ‘zombies’ mode, both are completely unaware of what makes shooters fun. Or maybe it’s just that they don’t care

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