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General Information

Available on:PCAug 25, 2016

Developer: Skydome Entertainment

Genre: Real-Time Strategy

The Hive is story-driven fantasy game. Assume control as the Insectoid Hive mind. Captivating back-story and a beautiful visual design takes the player to a fantasy world, which offers new surprises and challenges as the game progresses. Through strong storytelling and a broad world, Hive offers the player a diverse exploration ground. Having many different endings and possibilities, the player can create their own unique route, strategy, and story. The barren and deserted surface of planet Eden hides springs full of life underground. Travel through ancient temple cities, sunken ruins, desert oasis, swamps, volcanoes and underground fountains, facing the dangers of the environment, floods and other species. The calming serenity of the blooming springs, the aggressive heat of volcanoes and the ruins holding a story of a sad history make up the world of Hive. Filled with exotic animals, plants of varying sizes and little details like colorful fish swimming in the springs and hieroglyphs in the ruins, this game offers a wide and interesting visual look while combining many different styles of environments and eras.

The Hive Critic Reviews

It's easy to see that the creators put real thought into the world that your build your hive in

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The Hive is a fully released game that feels like demo. At minimum, it hits the mark as RTS for novices in the genre, but it is backed by an attempt at blending StarCraft and Homeworld fanfiction for a story.

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SkyDome : The Hive Official Trailer | Gameplay | New Steam Game thumbnail

SkyDome : The Hive Official Trailer | Gameplay | New Steam Game

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