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My Name is Mayo

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Game Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Nov 8, 2016
PCFeb 15, 2016

Developer: Green Lava Studios

Genre: Simulation

If you are looking for a next generation gameplay experience and an engrossing open world environment...!!! Well, this is not that game... This is the touching story about a Mayo Jar. This is a clicking adventure that simulates the real-life tapping of a Mayo Jar! You will unveil its story and (maybe) you will learn from it, while you unlock 50 achievements!!
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My Name is Mayo - Greenlight Trailer

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My Name is Mayo is a parody of a game. When you strip down a modern AAA title to its very core, this is what you get. Like "Desert Bus" before it, this game shows what a modern video game fundamentally is; absurd. For $0.99 you can proudly walk away with at least 51 trophies and declare, "Oh, now I get it!"

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Like any sort of anti-art, it shatters the foundations of the medium so that we can look at those pieces, in isolation, and understand their value as a whole. It throws a spanner into the whole argument around games as art, paradoxically affirming the artistic merits of the medium in a way that few other games ever have.

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After a year delay, My Name Is Mayo has finally made its way to the EU PSN store and "the easiest platinum game ever" can't even get that right.

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