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Mallow Drops

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Game Information

Available on:PCNov 3, 2016

Developer: Gritfish

Publisher: Green Stripe Snake

Genre: Puzzle

Mallow Drops is a gravity puzzle where two kiwis try to rescue their lost eggs in a shattered world. Turn everything upside down as you slide, shift and move through its tricky world, a mix of platformer and a sliding block puzzle. Getting to where you need to go is half the fun - just be sure to look before you leap!

With Wooly Jumpers hopping about and Dirty Underbears surprising you suddenly, it won't be easy, and if you're not careful, the dreaded Dropbears may get the drop on you!
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Mallow Drops Steam Release Trailer

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4.8 / 5.0

Mallow Drops is a slick, well-balanced puzzle game that relies on simple controls and gravity to keep you entertained.

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Digitally Downloaded

Nick H.
Digitally Downloaded

Mallow Drops is a fun, unique little puzzle game that offers up plenty of charm and challenge. It is not the longest of games, as it can be beaten in a handful of hours or so, but I found it to be very approachable and something I could pick up and play for fifteen minutes to advance a couple of levels and then come back to it later as desired.

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