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General Information

Available on:Wii UNov 3, 2016

Developer: Nitrolic Games

Genre: Puzzle

Gravity+ is a puzzle game suitable for all ages. You play a small robot on a space station and you have to find your way through a maze to the exit. You are able to manipulate gravity to make your way through traps and hazards. The game features over two dozen stages, various challenges, online high scores, stamps and Miiverse support. Gravity+ also has a level editor you can download to make your own creations!

Gravity+ Critic Reviews

Gravity+ is surprisingly functional and delivers a solid experience. The overall design and presentation does feel a bit rough around the edges, but when you develop a tempo the levels slowly become addictive. The limited content on offer in the base game is probably the biggest criticism, however taking into account the purchasable level design tool gameplay is potentially unlimited. If you would like a solid game on the Wii U that comes with its own level design tool, Gravity+ is one to consider - provided you're cool with paying a bit extra to unlock it.

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