RIFT - Starfall Prophecy

Trion Worlds
Nov 16, 2016 - PC
78 / 100
Hardcore Gamer
4 / 5
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RIFT: Starfall Prophecy Teaser US

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Critic Reviews for RIFT - Starfall Prophecy

The length of battles in RIFT: Starfall Prophecy is probably the biggest gripe I had with the game.

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The new activities and areas will provide countless hours of new content in an already giant game. It is also nice that this new expansion will not be microtransaction based, and a one time payment will unlock all new content, though all other optional microtransactions in RIFT will still be available. Again, if this game sounds interesting but you haven’t played RIFT or MMOs in general, check out the base game and see if you enjoy it enough to explore the expanded content. For those who already play and anxiously want more RIFT this expansion will not disappoint.

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