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Game Information

Available on:HTC ViveNov 30, 2016

Developer: Steel Wool Studios

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Bounce is a VR physics-based puzzle game for HTC Vive. Under the supervision of H8-Bit and 2Bit, two robots tasked with overseeing security of the intergalactic spaceship, players must help D1G-B, their spherical robot companion, traverse levels using an array of gadgets at their disposal to exit each level’s portal. With moving obstacles, laser gates, gravity wells, and multi-floor levels obstructing the path of D1G-B, players will have to use their creativity to construct solutions.
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Bounce - Trailer [VR, HTC Vive]

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Hardcore Gamer

4 / 5.0
Hardcore Gamer

While the game concept and interaction methods are simple, Bounce has some heft to it. Fifty discrete levels that can be solved in ridiculous ways gives it quite a bit of staying power. The only limit is how over the top the player wants to be with the tools on hand. Anyone looking for a solid puzzler in VR will have a great time with Bounce.

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