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General Information

Available on:PCSep 28, 2016

Developers: Sometimes You, Anatoliy Loginovskikh

Genre: Platformer

Just Hero - a classic platformer about a green man in a hat which, by the will of destiny, is meant to become a hero. This game has it all: an intricate storyline, betrayal, death, tragedy, and finally, revenge! The main character has lost his memory and now has to figure out what happened to him, along with finding the answers to many other questions. This game has many different levels and in some places they are very complicated. Some of them will make you truly suffer on your way to the end!

Just Hero Critic Reviews

Sometimes, what makes a game exciting is lost in translation. Difficulty can, but if it's handled poorly, it leads to something feeling broken instead of feeling fun. Just Hero feels broken, though some gamers may be able to view it for what it is: a small experience. Still, even a small experience should feel intact, and this just never does.

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