Battalion Commander

Dec 1, 2016 - PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 5
6 / 10
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1 / 5
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Battalion Commander - Gameplay Trailer | PS4, PS Vita thumbnail

Battalion Commander - Gameplay Trailer | PS4, PS Vita

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Critic Reviews for Battalion Commander


Dylan Bernhardt
6 / 10.0

Battalion commander is a modern take on the classic, quarter munching arcade shoot 'em ups. Though the game does little to innovate the genre, it plays the conventions effectively. The real draw here is a large amount of unlocks, which can incentivize the player to come back over and over. However, the game's lack of levels leaves something to be desired. We can't help but feel that the game could use another level or two. The game integrates well into PSN, offering a few trophies. This may be an incentive for trophy hunters looking for a quick game to score some awards. As mentioned above, there is also online leaderboards for competitive players, but they only track laps and total score. Consider the game's low price point, at only $5.49, the number of unlockables is actually pretty admirable. However, we feel that only having one level gives the player little incentive to experiment too much. This is unfortunate, as the enemy variety and simple cartoon art style would lend itself well to a multi-level campaign. All in all, the game is ambitious but ultimately forgettable.

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The unfortunate thing about Battalion Commander is that if it was one of those free-to-play mobile games, I’d probably have fun with it I could see some others even enjoying it enough to toss it a couple of coins in support. Sitting on trains or in doctor's waiting rooms, or standing in queues, I often go to my phone to keep me occupied and this kind of game would have fit the bill perfectly. But if I am to sit in front of my PlayStation 4, I’m not going to want to play something that requires minimal effort, no narrative and five minutes of my time. Simple as that.

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