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Cosmic Leap

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Game Information

Available on:PCMar 17, 2016

Developer: Michael Hall

Publisher: Black Shell Media

Genres: Puzzle, Action

Time your jumps from planet to planet, avoid the obstacles thrown in your path and blast off to safety with your rocketship!

Play through 100 small levels that will test your reaction skills!

Are you COSMIC enough to clear all the levels?!? Can you collect all the coins? Can you finish the levels while the counter is still warming up? Can you beat the COSMIC levels? Then, and only then, can you call yourself, truly ... COSMIC!
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Cosmic Leap Steam Trailer

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5.5 / 10.0
Francesco Corica

Cosmic Leap is a little game that tries to be more than what it truly is. The challenges are well designed, but the awful controls cause a lot of frustration.

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5 / 10

Cosmic Leap could have been an excellent little game with a timeless and endearing art style and solid platforming levels. Unfortunately the controls just haven’t allowed the game to get off the launchpad

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