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General Information

Available on:PCFebruary 2017

Developer: Raconteur Games

Genres: Art, Interactive Story

Evangeline™ is a brief narrative game where color guides you through the world. Set in the 1980s, you are thrown into a strangely familiar monochrome neighborhood and must piece together the story as you play. Inspired by the loss of a grandparent, this game is about life, love, and loss, and will invite you to connect with those you care about. Explore a detailed 1980s neighborhood and find out the reason behind a seemingly minor detail. Experience a stunning world brought to life through color. Play the definitive edition of Raconteur Games' Evangeline™, featuring post-game extras, developer commentary, and more. Whether you want an emotional story that will give you a new perspective on love, or an exciting game mechanic where color guides you, Evangeline™ has something for everyone.

Evangeline Reviews

It’s free, it’s short, you didn’t know about it before just now and now you do and you know I think it’s not very good. I don’t feel good about that, you likely don’t feel good about that, but perhaps you’ll have become intrigued and decide to take a look anyway. Perhaps you’ll offer them some money after finishing it when prompted. I dunno. Death sucks.

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A must play First Person Exploration game I cannot recommend highly enough. Go into it with an open mind and as little prior knowledge as you can.

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Evangeline Launch Trailer | Out Now on PC

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