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General Information

Available on:Wii UJan 19, 2017

Developer: Chronova

Genre: Puzzle

Enter the virtual labyrinths of Mega Maze and challenge your spatial awareness capabilities to not simply find the exit, but to also find a way to unlock the path to it. Utilize the transparent walls and breadcrumb trails to navigate your way through mazes as you collect keys and open doors. Enter through teleporters and jump down the occasional hole as you make your way to your destination. Build your own challenges for other players using the maze editor with everything at your disposal to make multi-floor puzzles. Share your creations Online and compete for the fastest completion time. Features 60 stock puzzles, Online leaderboards, a Maze Editor, play and share custom mazes online, multiple floors, keys, doors, holes, key fragments, one way and two way teleporters.

Mega Maze Critic Reviews

While the famous Windows screensaver had a certain mesmerizing quality to it, Maze Maker does not. The environments are bland, the mazes themselves feel repetitive and the online features, while well thought out, don't seem like they'll ever generate the kind of community they need to make them worthwhile.It's a game of good intentions and deserves credit for implementing level creation and online features, but it gets lost when seeking entertainment value.

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In the end, if the idea of navigating through first-person labyrinths appeals to you then Mega Maze is definitely a must-play game.

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