NoClip, HypeTrain Digital
Jan 6, 2017 - PC
6.9 / 10
Pure Nintendo
4 / 10
Nindie Spotlight
7.2 / 10
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STANDBY - Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for STANDBY


Steven Waynick
6.9 / 10.0

STANDBY is, in the technical sense, a platformer through and through. Personally, we would classify it more as a rhythm game, considering the precision and memorization required to best many of the stages. The game is rather short (around 3-4 hours depending on your skill level), but the replay value lies in replaying levels over and over again, trying to beat the best time and get your name to the top of the leaderboards. All in all, this is a game that does its job. It comes with a few irritating quirks here and there, but the job is done to the best of its ability. It wasn't our cup of tea, but if you're a looking for a hardcore platformer to scratch that competitive itch, you really can't go wrong with STANDBY. And for $7.99, there's no reason not to give a try.

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Standby lacks that connection that makes you care about the tend goal. It got to the point where the levels were so difficult I couldn't care less about what happened to the little guy in the pea-green trench coat. I didn't have the motivation or inspiration to keep trying to help him escape the glitched world.

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Quick and dirty (and typically quite challenging) gameplay is what Standby offers, and if you're into precision execution platforming it will definitely deliver...

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