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Proton Pulse Plus

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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftNov 22, 2016
PlayStation VRNov 22, 2016

Developer: ZeroTransform

Genre: Action

Get ready for classic 90s arcade brick-breaking action from a whole new perspective! The entity known as M.O.A.I. has attacked, and the fate of the world is in your hands! You have been chosen to compete in the most diabolical game of atomic paddleball ever to grace the 3rd dimension. Use your paddle to direct the Proton, an energy ball with awesome power and the only thing that can destroy the M.O.A.I. core! If the action gets too fast, use the Space-Time Dilator to turn a sure miss into a deadly volley! Will you be able to conquer over 50 levels and beat M.O.A.I. at his own game

Proton Pulse Plus Critic Reviews

Proton Pulse Plus adds some intriguing concepts to the brick breaking genre, but your enjoyment of the game will depend on how much you enjoy these types of games. There are 50 levels spread across three worlds, a throwback soundtrack and bright and colorful visuals. The Move controllers don't really add to the experience since I've had nothing but issues keeping them synced in-game, but I never felt tired or strained using the HMD to move the paddle around.

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