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General Information

Available on:PCMar 17, 2017

Developer: Gravity Games

Genres: Roguelike, First-Person Shooter

It is the 24th century, and mankind has only recently begun expanding its reach to the star systems nearest our own Solar System. A dark and terrible secret is buried within a misshapen moon nestled in the massive asteroid belt of the Epsilon Eridani system. Pythos colony was built there ostensibly to exploit the planetoid's mineral resources, but now they've disturbed a kind of evil that lurks beyond the fringes of our comprehension. Through an ever-changing labyrinth, you will remold yourself into a cybernetic killing machine using the powerful technologies of a long-dead alien civilization. With these new-found weapons, you will pave a path of aberrant corpses toward the greatest threat to mankind ever encountered. CTHON is an old school science-fiction first-person shooter, where you become a cybernetic weapon against the dark legions of a powerful evil entity - known only as Cthon - who lurks within the planetoid. It is a classic space horror game, inspired by the likes of Doom, System Shock, and Quake. The game is 100% Let's Play, stream, and screenshot friendly.

Cthon Critic Reviews

Cthon is a great concept that works for the most part but due to requiring a few tweaks with balancing, it falls from what would otherwise be a great game.

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CTHON Trailer 1 - A Roguelike Shooter Made With GameMaker

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