The Wild Eternal

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The Wild Eternal Critic Reviews

The Wild Eternal is simply enchanting. It is unbelievably immersive, incredibly moving, and teaches us all an important lesson in hardship, friendship, and the meanings of life and loss.

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Ilsanjo has done an admirable job making a memorable, if short game. Most people, unless they get lost, will finish the experience in about 6-8 hours, and that's not bad considering the $15-20 price-tag. I won't say The Wild Eternal is very replayable, as once you've gone from front to back of this little tale, the surprise and wonder of exploring is pretty much spent. That said, there are few games as peaceful, meaningful, and reflective as The Wild Eternal. So if you're looking for a title to chill out with as you learn some life lessons, give this one a shot.

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