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General Information

Available on:PCMar 10, 2017

Developer: nextReality Games

Genres: Puzzle, Platformer

You are trapped within the perception of a mysterious Eye; everything it sees is a reality for you. But a curious thing happens when its eye closes, the world disappears around you and anything brightly lit up leaves an afterimage burned into the vision of the Eye. To you, these afterimages are solid objects, and you can jump on them to get to unreachable places and accomplish impossible feats. Use lights to your advantage when the eye is open. Flip switches, rotate lights, carry lanterns to light up the world, and close the eye to create afterimages where you need them to overcome the many puzzles and challenges in this world. Explore hand drawn landscapes and discover ancient technologies while uncovering the secrets behind this strange power.

Blink Critic Reviews

Echoes of the great 8 and 16 bit platformers of yore abound in this innovative and quirky indie game that starts with a weird premise and keeps building on it in style.

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In a world where indie platformers are a dime a dozen, it's tough to stick out from the crowd but Blink definitely does.

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