In Vitra

bumblebee, rokapublish GmbH
Mar 24, 2017 - PC
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In Vitra Media

In Vitra -  Game-Trailer (rpg / jrpg) [recut] thumbnail

In Vitra - Game-Trailer (rpg / jrpg) [recut]

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Critic Reviews for In Vitra

In Vitra is an ugly, unfortunate mess of an RPG that never quite manages to form an identity of its own. The already pitifully short and poorly written plot ends far too soon without really resolving anything, with a shameless sequel hook that fails to close out the narrative in any meaningful way. Gameplay is traditional, but boring, without any visual flares or twists to mask the fact it was haphazardly put together in RPG Maker. In Vitra is an unpolished, overpriced attempt at an RPG that desperately needed a redraft and another year, minimum, of work done on it before it could even be considered launch ready.

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