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General Information

Available on:PlayStation VRApr 18, 2017

Publisher: Lucid Sight, Inc.

Genre: Arcade

Prepare yourself to enter the awe-inspiring world of virtual reality with HeroCade, the ultimate gaming bundle. HeroCade is a compilation of nine experiences that includes two award-winning titles available for the first time on Playstation: Dreadhalls (Honorable Mention at Oculus VR Jam, Winner of Proto Awards’ Best Sound Design) and Sisters (Sundance 2016's New Frontier Selection). With this 9-in-1 collection, you can enjoy everything VR has to offer in a single, value-packed bundle! Race on the mean streets of LA, pilot through exotic alien worlds, hunt prehistoric beasts, defend against alien invaders, solve whimsical puzzles, save civilians from zombie hoards, survive a paranormal experience, escape from a treacherous labyrinth, train for the turkey apocalypse, and solve the mystery of your past as Player One in HeroCade!

HeroCade Reviews

Heocade is composed of 9 games, and of those 8 of them are terrible. Only Dreadhalls is worth playing, but maybe it's better to wait and see if it gets a cheaper individual release than being stuck in this horrid collection.

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After playing all nine games I would say as a whole that HeroCade is worth the price of admission. Not all of the games are fun or really make sense in VR but some of the others like Dreadhalls and 405 Road Rage made the game worth playing to me.

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Herocade is a terrible mess of a game collection that you should avoid. Don't be tempted by the 9 games and the cheap price tag. It's cheap for a reason.

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HeroCade is a collection of bad games with a couple of half-decent attempts thrown in. Remember those crummy 1000-in-1 TV plug-and-play consoles where the majority of the games were shite rip-offs of other games? 'Nuff said.

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HeroCade - Gameplay Trailer | PSVR

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