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General Information

Available on:PCApr 13, 2017

Developer: Jason Godbey

Genres: Puzzle, Adventure

Embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration in The Search - a story-driven puzzle-adventure set in a mysterious world where art comes to life! In an unknown world, you'll search for clues about the nature of this place, as well as your own past. Guided only by the letters of a mysterious stranger, you'll find that this universe works differently from our own. It's a world in which obstacles can be overcome by your own creativity - and where art comes to life to create tears in the fabric of reality. Who wrote the letters that guide you? What is the nature of this surreal, enchanted universe? And why were you chosen to take this journey?

The Search Reviews

The Search presents you with artistic expression as a moral act, one that can change your entire world if you commit to it properly.

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For an hour-long experience, the main thing I took away from The Search were cheap puzzle mechanics and quotes by American lecturer Joseph Campbell. If the game's main themes were not as openly sermonising, then I could see the narrative being less tedious and players would get more out of it. But sadly, the extent of the story would have been much better suited as an essay, short film, or poem.

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