No70: Eye of Basir Reviews

No70: Eye of Basir is ranked in the 5th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
35 / 100
Jul 11, 2017

No70: Eye of Basir is a fractured, short, unrewarding experience that needs to figure out what it is before it says anything more.

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5 / 10.0
Jun 27, 2017

No70: Eye of Basir is not an unmitigated disaster but it won't find a place amongst hundreds of walking simulators on the digital shelves of Steam.

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Top Critic
6 / 10
Jul 7, 2017

By no means is No70: Eye of Basir perfect, but coming from a little-known developer, there's a lot to be applauded for an ambitious first major project. It looks beautiful for one, with gorgeous lighting effects that bring every area to life, and great audio design that really complements the game's atmosphere.

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42 / 100
Jun 28, 2017
No70: Eye of Basir Review video thumbnail
78 / 100
Jul 19, 2017

In No70: Eye of Basir, a manor in disrepair holds the key to secrets long forgotten. Armed with nothing but the mysterious Eye of Basir, you’ll need to stare darkness in the face to avoid the terrors lurking in the shadows – solving intricate puzzles to save your brother and reveal lost childhood memories.

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