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Dead Purge: Outbreak

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 13, 2017

Developer: Microlith Games

Genres: Horror, First-Person Shooter

Dead Purge: Outbreak is a modern first-person shooter set in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic world where every minute can be your last. You are one of the few who have survived the outbreak of an epidemic disease that infected most of the world's population and now you must fight for the survival of humanity. Purge never-ending waves of vicious zombie hordes, scavenge for supplies, research new skills and improve your equipment. Use sniper rifles with high velocity ammo, accurate assault rifles, rapid fire submachine guns, shotguns with huge bullet spread or melee weapons designed for close quarter combat to kill the undead.

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Dead Purge: Outbreak by Microlith Games is a first person zombie shooter set in a post-apocalyptic era that is available for the PC. With the zombie shooter genre constantly being pushed upon me via the daily shared videos on social media of Days Gone and my friend's showing off their latest gameplay from Call of Duty Zombies my appetite is constantly whetted. Boasting of "beautiful locations & dozens of weapons" along with a "realistic combat system & multiple game modes" I sat down at my PC and looked forward to what was going to unfold.

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Dead Purge: Outbreak won’t win any awards for originality or technical genius, but there’s a fun time to be had here if grinding against hordes of enemies is your thing.

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