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General Information

Available on:PCJun 20, 2017

Developer: RadiationBurn

Genre: Strategy

Dead Exit is an undead apocalypse, base management, card game. Ok, it's possibly the only undead apocalypse, based management, card game, but it's fun, and that's the important thing when it comes to games I've been told. Each player controls a base and tries to out maneuver their opponents and survive the evacuation of a city. Play your cards right. Make alliances.Break alliances. Betray sworn allies at the worst possible time and leave them to get eaten by the hordes. It's up to you how you play it, just make sure you get out of the city with enough resources to survive! Of course, you don't have to murder everyone in sight. You could play cooperatively and try to make sure everyone gets out alive. Or you can play on your own in solitaire mode which has plenty of settings for a casual quick game or an intense skin of your teeth undead fest. It's really up to you.

Dead Exit Critic Reviews

It’s hard to believe that this hasn’t been made into a physical card game or that Dead Exit wasn’t inspired by a real card game. For £7.99 you cannot go wrong. Although it is a little overwhelming at first it is incredibly satisfying when you defeat your first opponent or escape the city for the first time, and it continues to be satisfying and exciting. With 3 different single player modes and a multiplayer mode (when it works) you have plenty of ways to mix it up. Each time you play through a mode you will have a different experience than the last. Although I would have liked there to be a deck builder of some kind in there so I could take on opponents in my own way I still thoroughly enjoyed this unique table-top card game and if you’re a fan of strategy card games then you will too.

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Be in no doubt, there is a lot of game in this small package, but it will ask a lot of you. If you can invest the time, it will reward you, but it’s a bit too deep for its own good as far as casual players are concerned.

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Dead Exit manages to pull of the difficult feat of being a card game with a great amount of depth while still being fairly easy to pick up and learn. There are a lot of mechanics to learn here, with a wealth of strategic options available to players.

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