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Transport Giant (Console Edition)

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Jul 11, 2017
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Publisher: United Independent Entertainment

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

It's the year 1850 - The world is changing. A new era of mass production and mass transportation has begun. For a smart businessman there are many opportunities. With a little money and good ideas you can establish a business empire. There are new companies founded on every corner. The world is in need of all kinds of goods and the growth of cities is increasing dramatically. But how do the goods get to the customer? How do the workers get to their factories? And who will transport the huge amount of raw materials? The time has come for a powerful and giant transportation company. Especially transport within the domestic market are increasing to a point where it can no longer be handled easily. You establish a transport company in the year 1850 and try to make as much profit as possible over the next 200 years. You have to establish means of transportation for raw materials, finished goods and for workers and employees to get them to work. Outdo your competitors and make big money in Transport Giant!

Transport Giant (Console Edition) Critic Reviews

Transport Giant takes itself seriously. It's enjoyable and rewarding, but as a serious simulation, rather than something fun to unwind with on the weekend after a long week's work. It's not a game for everyone by any means because of that, but it is the kind of game that will continue to reward you the more you put into it.

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