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Gunball VR

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General Information

Available on:HTC ViveJun 28, 2017

Developer: REDspace

Genre: Sports

Welcome to the Gunball League. Your job is simple: get those balls through the rings in order to get the highest score possible. Oh...and one more thing - you’ve got to shoot to win! This ain’t basketball or dodgeball. This is Gunball, baby! You won’t score any points unless you shoot that ball through a ring. So grab a ball and pull that trigger! Gunball is easy to pick up and play, making it the perfect first-time game for players new to VR. However even seasoned VR pros will find Gunball is deep and intense, so players can immerse themselves in the experience and pull off insane trick shots on the way to racking up the highest scores in the world! Can you get to the top of the global leaderboard? The game features two themed environments – an audience packed sports stadium and an explosive rainbow volcano – each with five different goal ring layouts featuring varying obstacles per environment. Compete against friends and other Gunballers around the world to achieve top ranks on the Steam leaderboards! Features - Original and innovative concept. - Designed for comfort. - Easy to learn, difficult to master. - High skill ceiling. - Lots of opportunities for trick shots, high scores, and more! - Zero Gun Violence which makes it appropriate for all ages.

Gunball VR Critic Reviews

Gunball is developer REDSpace's freshman VR effort, and it's not too shabby. REDSpace has worked on kid-focused titles like website for The Powerpuff Girls, The Nick App for Nickelodeon, and The Cartoon Network's micro-game "Anything" app, so this is a step in a new direction for them. While Gunball is simple in execution, it's elegant in its simplicity, and fun for the whole family at a fairly reasonable price.

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Gunball - Official Trailer | VR

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Gunball Trailer

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