Mar 16, 2017 - PC
5 / 10
Worth Playing
5.5 / 10
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Moribund - Launch Trailer thumbnail

Moribund - Launch Trailer

Moribund - Early Access Trailer thumbnail

Moribund - Early Access Trailer

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Moribund - Greenlight Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Moribund

Despite having an interesting central mechanic, a lack of online and a dull art style prevent this from being worth picking up over other games in the genre.

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In the end, Moribund would be decent if it were in a vacuum. The base gameplay is fine, but the execution feels very slow when compared to other similar titles. The level layouts may be numerous, but the actual stage themes feel limited, so you'll be able to go through them in no time. While it is appreciated to see some single-player challenges in an otherwise multiplayer-focused title, their numerous balance issues mean that no one will bother with them. With a presentation that's more off-putting than cool, it's difficult to recommend Moribund unless you've exhausted almost every other similar title in the genre.

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