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Energy Balance

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 2, 2015
PlayStation 4Jun 2, 2017
PlayStation VitaJul 12, 2017

Developer: Sometimes You

Genre: Puzzle

During a mission your spaceship encounters an unknown anomaly and all system fail. You have to balance the energy in order to get them running again and to get home safely. Energy Balance is a number puzzle. You have to swap power units in such a way that their sums form correct chains both vertically and horizontally. The game is easy to learn, but very hard to master. So, are you ready to peep under the hood of an alien spaceship?

Energy Balance Reviews


Is Energy Balance a game worth your time and money? If you are great with numbers and want a short game with a Platinum trophy, then you'll definitely get the most out of this one. But if math is not your thing and you don't like taking on puzzles with random solutions every time you play then you should skip this one.

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Despite a low count of levels and a difficult mechanic to grasp at first, Energy Balance is a decent puzzle game that you will like more if you're into math based titles. However, for those who find math repulsive, steer clear of it, as one's grasp of numbers is the primary decider on how well they will do. For those who do enjoy its charms, this is a great little puzzle game that should not be overlooked.

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Energy Balance - PlayStation 4 (NA) Release Trailer (1080p)

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Energy Balance - Trailer (1080p)

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