Ancient Frontier

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General Information

Available on:PCSep 21, 2017

Developer: Fair Weather Studios, LLC

Genre: Strategy

Brand new cinematic turn based strategy! Fair Weather Studios is very happy to announce Ancient Frontier! Ancient Frontier is a turn-based strategy role-playing game set in deep space in the far future. Players will explore, conquer, pillage, or liberate the frontiers of space. The universe is built off of the story established in our first project, Bladestar, but takes it much deeper with warring factions, double crossing corporations, privateers, and galactic governments. Take control of massive fleets of capital ships and support craft and navigate the rich multi-faceted story of Ancient Frontier- the future of war. FEATURES: Two full fledged campaigns Dynamic initiative based turn based combat Over 35 unique ships to command Customize your play style by unlocking technologies in an extensive Tech Tree Two major factions and three sub-factions Large, detailed space maps to fight across Three different resources to manage Dozens of different weapon systems and abilities to control Will you defend the frontier?

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6 / 10

Ancient Frontier never fires on all cylinders, which is unfortunate as clearly there was a lot that went into the game. Some aspects, such as the story, and ships/equipment had a lot of time put into them, whereas the battle system suffers from an incredible drag in pacing, rampant RNG problems, and a feedback loop potentially leading to a campaign being unwinnable. Small changes, such as removing the forced ironman, or toning down the luck, would go a long way to fixing these matters. Despite the wreck that the battle system is, the game itself is still redeemed by its other qualities. Simply know you will need a high tolerance for the way battle plays out to enjoy the game properly.

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For turn-based strategy lovers, Ancient Frontier is a jewel. Even though it has a couple of flaws about the story and originality, the offers a fun experience with many well known features. However, if you are not a huge fan of slow, turn-based combat, you might want to look at something else. Otherwise, I recommend you to try it.

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Ancient Frontier is a great example of what a small but dedicated studio can do. It might not have AAA bells and whistles, but the core game is a fantastic blend of deep strategy yet approachable interface that is very easy to sink hours into.

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