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HAMSTER Corporation, D4 Enterprise

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ACA NEOGEO Art of Fighting

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo 3DSNov 2, 2007
Xbox OneMar 23, 2017
PlayStation 4Apr 20, 2017
Nintendo SwitchSep 21, 2017
Xbox Series X/SNov 10, 2020
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Publishers: HAMSTER Corporation, D4 Enterprise

Genres: Arcade, Fighting

In this 1992 fighting game, Ryo Sakazaki sets out to rescue his sister Yuri, who has been abducted by the mobster Mr. Big. Along with his best friend Robert, Ryo must take on numerous enemies around Southtown, leading to the climactic confrontation with the mysterious Mr. Karate. The passion of the game’s creators is evident in the unique game play elements introduced to ensure that players use strategy and tactics, rather than just mashing buttons. These include an energy gauge that is depleted every time a fighter uses a special manoeuvre and Desperation Attacks that can only be used when a fighter’s health is low. Special presentation features such as characters showing damage as the fights progress, camera zooming that follows the action and voice-over samples played during cut scenes combine to make Art of Fighting a masterpiece of the genre.

ACA NEOGEO Art of Fighting Critic Reviews

Art of Fighting was certainly visually impressive when it arrived in 1992 with large sprites, a good camera system and a (simple) story that works well. Unfortunately the game is quite limited, with only two of the ten characters available in the single player mode. The strong attacks are awkwardly implemented and whilst the spirit gauge could provide an interesting way of playing, it is quickly forgotten about as you move to fight against the CPU's repetitive attacks. There are some good ideas here and a two-player fight can provide a little entertainment, but SNK would produce more successful fighting games after this. Some of them are available on the Switch (for the same price) and would be a better choice than Art of Fighting.

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