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General Information

Available on:PCSep 11, 2017

Developer: VaragtP

Genre: Platformer

Help Fjong and his friends to reach the sky.. by Eating Candy! In Fjong you play as one of three small birdlike creatures. They dream of flying, but unfortunately their wings are to tiny. But in the land of the Fjong there is a special candy you can eat that blow you up like a balloon, making you lift from the ground and fly up to the sky. This is the dream of the Fjong. Fjong is a physics based game where you jump around each stage to get to a bucket of candy. The stages starts as basic jumping challenges when you control the main blue Fjong but evolves to a more challenging physics puzzle when you unlock the other characters. FJONG FEATURES: 20 Levels 3 Different Characters to Play 60 Normal Stars to Collect 20 Hardcore Stars to Collect for the Super Skilled

Fjong Reviews

Fjong is a decent game wrapped in some weird design choices; namely, should this be on the PC, or on mobile devices. Regardless, it features decent controls that occasionally feel wonky, and not much beyond the main action to really do. Truth be told, fans of physics games should definitely give it a shot, but for everyone else, don't expect Fjong to change your mind.

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Fjong is a short, enjoyable distraction I will almost certainly never touch again, but it’s recommended to fans of similar games who don’t mind the price tag. Or genetic scientists still trying to work out what a Fjong actually is.

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