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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneSep 27, 2017

Developer: E-Home Development

Genres: Puzzle, Platformer

Indie Puzzle Game : Lilith-M, open a journey for you to seek hope. A girl named Lilith, a robot who has some mystery links to Lilith , a steam-punk cyber space, a unavoidable and difficult journey. Can you solve these puzzles for Lilith, and control the robot to find the key to answer? It all depends on you. Game Characteristics: Unqiue design of controling two game characters in one controller with abundant and interesting puzzle design. Steam-punk art style and quantities of character skins give you a colorful game journey. About 40 levels, difficulties from easy to hard, give you a leisure gameplay yet challenge experience. Game story was twisted and touching, bring you laugh and tear.

Lilith-M Reviews

In Lilith-M we will not find great dialogues or epic moments. An unambitious game, but enjoyable for puzzle lovers, despite its short duration

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Those who are interested will find a relatively easy gamerscore completion, with most achievements tied to dying in a specific way or simply beating the levels in any form. Sometimes two is better than one, that certainly holds true when it comes to Lilith-M.

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The game is badly made and is too dark to be enjoyed. Yet, it's a great exercise in parallel thinking and chaining actions together. Completing the game without a guide is a feat.

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Drawbacks come with almost every game, and it would be sad if the ones highlighted in Lilith-M keep you from trying this daring indie puzzler.

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