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Available on:Xbox OneNov 17, 2017

Developer: E-Home Development

Genre: Horror

“Your Toy” is a 3D first person escape game that incorporates elements of horror. Do you remember your childhood toys? Where are they now? They were your friends once, but has it ever occurred to you that they could become the stuff of nightmares? You wake up to darkness and find yourself trapped in a place that’s supposed to have long vanished. Messages, one after another, lure you into an abyss of intrigues unknown. What’s that thing watching you from the other side of non-existent reality? Caught in between dreamscape and memory, the forgotten victim returns—this time around, who is the toy? An outstanding escape game! “Your Toy” features an advanced no-repeat puzzle system, challenging puzzle content, as well as a well-designed backstory. Not only will you enjoy solving the game's puzzles, you will also experience the story through collecting various in-game items. Are you ready to enter the nightmare?

Your Toy Reviews

Your Toy is a great indie horror experience that expertly fuses engaging, creative and tough puzzle design with a chilling, ambitious story and unnerving horror gameplay. Despite some sections where the game suffers from the obscurity and complexity of some of the puzzles, Your Toy overall is an excellent title that's definitely worth picking up if you're brave enough to go toe-to-toe with a homicidal teddy bear.

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Woefully short and terribly unpolished is what Your Toy is then, but it shouldn't stop you from checking it out if you want to test what's between your ears under stressful conditions.

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It isn't often that a game can collectively stump myself and my colleagues who cover Xbox games pre-release; but Your Toy managed to do it.

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