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Attack of the Bugs

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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftNov 29, 2017
HTC ViveNov 29, 2017

Developer: Empty Clip Studios

Genre: Action

Creepy bugs everywhere! Use your attack troopers, wits and reflexes to conquer the Evil Bug Queen before she traps you in a never-ending B-movie nightmare! A unique mix of action, strategy and humor, Attack of the Bugs makes great use of virtual reality to create a gaming experience like no other! FEATURES: -Deploy attack troops and defensive units according to your master plan -Engage the enemy directly with multiple weapon types -Craft super-weapons to gain the upper hand -Adapt your strategy to the different bug types, each with its own characteristics

Attack of the Bugs Reviews

If you have a headset already, the low price of Attack of the Bugs will make it easily obtainable, and introduced me to the genre perfectly. With a good mix of different mechanics on show, and an easy to pick up gameplay premise, I really can’t recommend Attack of the Bugs enough.

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Attack of the Bugs

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