12 Is Better Than 6: The Apostles

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General Information

Available on:PCDec 6, 2017

Developer: Ink Stains Games

Publisher: HypeTrain Digital

Genre: Action

HOLA, AMIGOS! The expansion on the main story of “12 Is Better Than 6” is right around the corner! Meet 3 new characters with their own story campaigns and different gameplay! NEW MECHANICS: Horse chase - this is what Westerns are supposed to have, right? Actual horse chase in a desert! River rafting - you appear on a raft in the middle of a river, what would you do? Shoot and pray to gods, of course! Rob two trains, because one is never enough. NEW ENEMIES: Berserk - a barrage of bullets and contempt for his own death. No one’s joking around in Mexico! Dynamite-equipped Foes - fences and fallen tables are not the safe protection they used to be. Don't forget to add 12 is Better Than 6: The Apostles to your Wishlist!

12 Is Better Than 6: The Apostles Critic Reviews

12 Is Better Than 6's The Apostles campaign is a ton of fun for those who want to jump back in or even for fans of games like Hotline Miami who are looking for a different kind of top-down shooter that has some whacky characters.

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12 Is Better Than 6: The Apostles – Cinematic Trailer