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General Information

Available on:PCNov 17, 2017
Nintendo SwitchJan 18, 2018

Developer: Forever Entertainment

In the beginning there was a dot, levitating in white nothingness. Eons have passed and nothing has changed, but the power of creation was slowly stirring within the dot. And this is how the adventure begins! Qbik is a beautifully designed pixel art puzzle game. Enter the world of Qbik and explore a square land full of brainteasers, puzzles, and riddles – traverse all 63 levels and discover the origin story of this square little fella! But that's not all, folks! Qbik gives you the ability to make your own cave in the Level Editor! Use every brain cell you have to help Qbik navigate the caves. Dodge deadly traps and use technology in your favour so you can eat every yellow block (hopefully they’re gluten-free!) and move forward into the unknown!

Qbik Reviews

Qbik may not be a ground-breaking puzzle game but it does what any title under the genre should do; it provides you with a great sense of accomplishment. It's exactly how you want to feel when playing a game like this.

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Qbik isn’t going to win any “best in genre” awards anytime soon; however, it’s a neat enough distraction and one at a bargain price. While its presentation feels a little bare bones and the game’s difficulty unforgiving, there’s just enough here to make Qbik worth a look if you’re a fan of your puzzle games.

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