Girls and Dungeons

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 30, 2017

Developer: Nebelsoft

Publisher: Top Hat Studios Inc

Genre: RPG

A cute, fanservice filled dungeon crawling RPG following the story of a young mercenary exploring a long forgotten dungeon. Along the way he teams up with the charming "Lost Maidens" to take on the threat of the mysterious demon of intoxication, Yashumugi. This bizarre, light-hearted adventure will leave you in disbelief as you venture through episodes filled with booze, silly interactions, inspiring battles, and fanservice filled moments. Features All Original, Beautifully Stylized Pixel Art & Animations 8+ Hours of Intense Dungeon Crawling & Puzzle Solving Action! Five Hidden, Very Special Fanservice Scenes A Unique Combat System Hidden Secrets A Branching Story Dependent on In-Game Choices Weapon Upgrades, Fishing, Cooking, and more!

Girls and Dungeons Reviews

Being as average as it is, it needs that average as possible score. It doesn't do anything new, but because of its execution and price. It just keeps a right balance of: "What did you expect" as an eroge, it falls far below the belt.

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Girls and Dungeons - 3rd trailer

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Girls and Dungeons Trailer 2

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Girls 'n Dungeons 1st trailer