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Atomic Adam: Episode 1

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General Information

Available on:PCDec 30, 2017

Developer: Mad Unicorn Games

Genre: Action

Atomic Adam: Episode 1 is a gaming experience packed to the brim with nostalgic retro action! Fight, fly and shoot your way through a fully 3D world filled with giant rats, grey aliens, UFO's, boss battles and insane combat, all with an art style inspired by the retro action games of yesterday. As rock star Atomic Adam, you'll battle your way through Delta City defeating bosses on your hunt for the infamous Deathbot. None is more mysterious than Deathbot who traveled to Delta City with his army to usurp the city and its resources. Atomic Adam is tasked with finding Mayor Lamowitz's wife who was kidnapped by Deathbot and now held hostage. Deathbot now demands Mayor Lamowitz to resign or he will never see his wife again! Do you have what it takes to save Delta City before it falls in to the hands of Deathbot? Atomic Adam represents a new story in the Radical Heroes Universe. Complete with a new hero, game play mechanics, story and action all in the retro inspired universe of Radical Heroes. FEATURES: An action packed pick up and play for all ages! Explore a city filled to the brim with Insane enemies and rewarding secrets and Achievements! Tons of diverse weapons and pickups keep the mayhem fresh! 3 massive areas to unlock and explore! Unique combat system strings your moves automatically as you mash the kick and punch buttons!

Atomic Adam: Episode 1 Critic Reviews

Atomic Adam: Episode 1 is a generic beat-em-up that can safely be passed up. The lack of strategy, bland aesthetics, game-breaking bugs, and questionable design don't make a compelling case for a second episode.

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