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Available on:PCFeb 14, 2018

Developer: Lucas Molina

Genres: Roguelike, RPG

Roguemance is a roguelite with romance. Each battle is a date! Meet love interests, fight relationship problems and make heart-breaking decisions. EACH BATTLE IS A DATE Fight by your lover's side! Combat is where you get to know them and find out if they are a good fit for you. Compromise or die! A LOVE FOR EVERYONE Everyone deserves love! You'll surely find a partner that fits you in Roguemance. FIND PROCEDURAL LOVE Procedurally generated companions with distinct appearances, personalities and abilities. Find one you love! EXPLORE THE HEARTIPELAGO A heart-shaped island is the setting you will explore. But this land of love is in trouble! Can you mend your broken heart? GROW RELATIONSHIPS Each partner has an opinion on what to do and where to go. Keep them happy or they will break up. Or find someone who suits you!
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Novel and cleverly designed, Roguemance makes for a delightful, tempestuous little fling while its ideas are still fresh, but its failure to make the most of them may leave you with a spot of premature exhaustion.

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