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Hyperbolic Ignition

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 12, 2018

Developer: Heartship Games

Genres: Action, Simulation

Take control of a deadly spacecraft to destroy hordes of vicious enemies from faraway galaxies in arcade shooter Hyperbolic Ignition. With 360 degrees of movement and combat, drift through the pitch-black void of space amidst the debris and explosions of fallen foes. As the last known survivor of their race without a place to call home, resist the ongoing pursuit of hostile adversaries. Become the fierce fighter pilot known only in fantasies. Gripping Space Action – Utilizing 15 different possible weapon combinations from 8 different weapon types, tailor your arsenal to best suit the situation and towards your desired play-style. Each of the 4 areas presents a unique combat style that will force you to adapt. Swarming Enemies and Projectiles – 21 unique enemies, including 4 powerful bosses, with their own movement patterns and weaponry, quickly fill the player’s view with danger. Swift maneuvering, precise timing, and aggressive counterattack by the player are key to overcoming their onslaught. Infinite Hard Mode – After defeating normal mode, unlock an endless challenge to test one’s true ability. In this mode, players must survive while defeating enemies that increase in numbers to achieve the highest score and rank on the leaderboards.

Hyperbolic Ignition Reviews

Hyperbolic Ignition is a novel take on the Asteroids formula, but many of the alterations found here do more harm than good. Fans are better off playing the Atari original than playing this title.

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Hyperbolic Ignition Gameplay Reupload

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