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Bold Blade

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General Information

Available on:PCJan 29, 2018

Developer: Ultra Runaway Games

Genres: Action, RPG

Bold Blade, the bitesize pixel art action RPG where your sword keeps getting bigger!Pursuing the legend of a sword powerful enough to fell mountains, you journey to a remote island populated by demons.Make your sword as huge as you want! What kind of sword is your favorite? Balanced all-rounderThe longest bladeWider than the oceanIf your sword alone isn't cutting it, purchase a variety of items to boost your passive abilities.Or make offerings to the gods to improve your stats. Enhance your swordplay with a variety of psi powers. Blast them away!Heal your wounds!Shock your enemies!Want a change of pace? Play a round of Bug Boshers, a fast paced defense shooting game. .

Bold Blade Reviews

Bold Blade unique sword-swinging mechanic has merit, but there's not much game here to speak of. Those looking to feel unstoppable for a brief moment should check out this unique action RPG, but most should wait for a sale before taking the plunge.

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