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Pastry Lovers

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 21, 2017

Developers: Forever Entertainment, 橙光游戏

Genre: Interactive Story

Pastry Lovers is a Visual Novel set in the fantastic world of Carseland Kingdom. Play as a young girl Sakura aspiring to be a famous pastry chef. Pass the entry exam and join the prestigious St. Patras College to learn from the professionals and develop your skills. Train, bake and study diligently to achieve your biggest dream! Along your journey you'll make new friends and meet unique classmates - like prince William or a feisty boy Hannan Ye. Befriend fellow college students, find allies and work together to achieve your goal! Attend lectures and develop your skills by learning about the history of pastries or the elegant traditional ritual of making tea. Play Pastry Lovers and visit the Carseland Kingdom and its inhabitants on a journey to become the famous pastry chef and to find a true love.

Pastry Lovers Reviews

If it was better translated and not quite so buggy, Pastry Lovers might have the potential to be a pretty cute little game. However, my key takeaway is that I can go into someone's room at night and ram cake down their throat until they love me, and so this is how I intend to proceed with all my future relationships.

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