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Unscored - Red Embrace
May 17, 2018

Despite my (relatively minor) gripes, Red Embrace is actually a pretty enjoyable little game that doesn't take itself too seriously and delivers a well-proportioned slice of blood-sucking boy love.

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Unscored - OZMAFIA!!
Apr 19, 2018

Considering the sheer amount of content and the fact that it's actually both pretty AND well written, I'd argue that it's well worth [the price] if you're into otome games and a fan of (somewhat dark) fairy tale reworkings.

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Unscored - Pastry Lovers
Mar 18, 2018

If it was better translated and not quite so buggy, Pastry Lovers might have the potential to be a pretty cute little game. However, my key takeaway is that I can go into someone's room at night and ram cake down their throat until they love me, and so this is how I intend to proceed with all my future relationships.

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Feb 19, 2018

If you want pretty anime boys and don't care too much about their questionable grasp of female anatomy (and, in some cases, consent) then this game might be for you.

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