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Terra Feminarum

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 28, 2018

Developer: Polar Night Games

Genre: Action

The bright dancing lights of the aurora illuminates the sky of Terra Feminarum every night. However, recently the northern lights have strangely become restless and weaken. Three the most powerful shamans of the “Land of Women” are willing to investigate the matter. The road to the Pohjola shall be traveled once more. Terra Feminarum is a Finnish mythology themed Japanese style manic shoot ’em up. The characters and the story are based on Finnish mythology. The gameplay and the art style are both highly inspired by Japanese danmaku shooters. FEATURES: Hand drawn HD (1080p) graphics. No wasted screen space! 7 Character driven story chapters that leads the player trough the forests and lakes into the mystical land of Pohjola. Story Mode where player can experience the story chapters individually. The character progress will be saved. This mode has also special challenges! Arcade Mode with traditional arcade like experience for 1cc and score runs. No continues. A true challenge for the most skilled players. 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard and Brutal. While the Brutal difficulty will separate the flesh from the bones, the Normal difficulty will give you mercy. Special Weapon System lets the player pick up mana from fallen enemies to power their shaman’s most powerful attacks. Enhancement system lets the player enhance the playable characters by beating bosses and challenges. The games magical soundtrack enchants you with varied folk themed songs running from waltz to black metal.

Terra Feminarum Reviews

Terra Feminarum is one of the most difficult shoot-em-ups you'll ever play. Though it is a shame it does not make the most of its Finnish setting, it still provides a refreshing experience that will force players to get good at all costs.

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Even for a Bullet-Hell, there's just too much going on at once. It's overwhelming, but not in a way that encourages players to try harder. Ultimately, it left this critic feeling a little cold.

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