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Super Inefficient Golf

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General Information

Available on:PCMar 15, 2018

Developer: 34BigThings

Genre: Sports

GOLF FOR INEFFICIENT BADASSES! Why hit a ball with a metal stick, when you can stick MINES to your ball? Super Inefficient Golf improves upon the most inefficient game ever conceived, by making it even LESS efficient. Master the art of carefully placing your mines, detonating them with expert timing, and BOOM - Birdie! The game is divided into two phases: setup your golf ball with mines, then blast it into space (or better, into the hole) by detonating them! You have full control on which mines explode and when, which gives you complete power over your rocket ball trajectory. Golf clubs will feel so basic after this! FEATURES 18 challenging holes - increasing difficulty, no tutorial. Are you tough enough? Slowmo and acrobatic aerial turns - total control, albeit very inefficient! Unbelievable views - enter a chill, relaxed environment in which your swearing will echo for miles around. Online Leaderboards - Join the global challenge. Explosions! - Exploding mines, exploding barrels, exploding explosions all around! Game up! - Bernard Suits would be super happy of our lusory attitude.

Super Inefficient Golf Critic Reviews

Super Inefficient Golf lives as dies by its mine gimmick, but it is still a fun gimmick nonetheless. Those looking for a way to spice up their golf game can do far worse than this title, but don't be surprised if it takes a while to get the hang of it.

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Developer 34BigThings offers a unique, engaging, and plain old fun game with Super Inefficient Golf. Though it's painfully short, it's an excellently crafted experience.

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WORTH CONSIDERING - While not a ‘drop the mic’ action puzzle experience, Super Inefficient Golf is a fun and unique game that will entertain you for at least 4 hours before you may start to get a little bored with it. The game gives you a ball, a hole, and a bunch of charges. The fun may need to be supplied by you to try things that seem crazy. While there’s nothing here that’s mind blowing or particularly charming, the fact that failure is always an option gives enough reason to stick with it through a full course.

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