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Available on:PCFeb 7, 2018


Genre: Puzzle

WELCOME TO MEANDERS! A sparkling theme park full of platform and environmental puzzles. Have fun! FEATURES: 40 levels of instant play with no loading times: relax or speedrun to the exit! Jump, bounce, slide, teleport! Cannons too are a totally safe mean of transportation Enjoy the company of an all-powerful AI god - Unless you find out how to destroy it Speedrun Mode & Steam Leaderboards available! Original Soundtrack both funky and soothing Use the ATOMIC STUFF to activate insane game and visual modes!!

Meanders Reviews

Meanders doesn't quite live up to Portal's puzzle platforming lineage, but it still provides a solid experience for those looking for it. It's obstacles and challenges will keep fans busy for a few hours, but don't be surprised if it's over before you know it.

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MEANDERS - Launch Trailer

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MEANDERS - Reveal Trailer

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