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General Information

Available on:PCApr 17, 2018

Developer: Aartform Games

Genre: Strategy

Tempest Citadel is a strategy game set on a storm-ruled planet in which sci-fi and fantasy collide. Assume the role of an enigmatic Captain from Terra, whose past and future are yours to shape, as he embarks on a mission to explore a deadly world that promises wondrous and terrible power. But you are not the first to come. Armies of ruthless enemies hide within the clouds, hungry for the blood of the weak and the foolish. From gene-spliced psychics to cyborg dark-mages, other factions have claimed the ancient sites which hold the technological marvels you seek. Can you build, grow, and risk enough to stand against your enemies? Will you forego mercy against those who would show you none? Do you have what it takes to fight for control of this world and claim the secrets of the ancient dead race that once ruled it?

Tempest Citadel Critic Reviews

Tempest Citadel is a charming, story-driven title that channels some of the best elements of non-starship based Sci-Fi. With great writing and characters, a depth of customization and plenty of game mechanics in spite of being hands-off with combat (which could have been a disaster, but is implemented wonderfully) come together to form one of the best gaming experiences of the year so far.

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Tempest Citadel is a strategy game that defies a more detailed genre classification. In many ways it’s a 4X game, and yet it also infuses just enough XCOM elements into the end product that using either as an example of what to expect is ultimately misleading. There’s also a great deal of real-time strategy combat to take into consideration, though battles resolve automatically (by default—you can choose to jump in and micromanage at any point) based on the strategies you come up with beforehand. Other expectations you may have are likely to be similarly subverted.

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Pick it up if you want to read a story with sci-fi and fantasy elements that mesh well together and if you don’t mind having to read a lot of lore. Otherwise, better save your money for another game.

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