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General Information

Available on:PCMar 13, 2018

Developer: Frogsong Studios AB

Genre: Action

Inspired by arena and player vs. player classics, such as League of Legends, Super Smash Brothers, and the Warcraft 3 Mod, Warlocks, Spellsworn is a PvP arena game in which you must use magic and quick reflexes to outsmart and obliterate your opponent. Set in a world gripped by a war of magic, you and other spellcasters fight for control over 5 rounds of battle in areas of power. Using a limited amount of currency that increases throughout the game, you must determine the best spells for the job from your varied arsenal and defeat your enemies by reducing their health to 0. Will you focus on Offensive spells such as Fireball and Meteor, or will you Windwalk your way through your opponent’s attacks and Counter Pulse their spells back at them? With an ever-changing environment that poses as much of a threat as your opponent, adaptation is just as important as a quick hand and mind. In such a brutal and chaotic world, only the skilled and strong will be victorious. So, don your robes, banish your summoned Rock Pillars, and prepare to do battle in the arena of Spellsworn! FEATURES: Test your wits and reflexes in spell-filled multiplayer combat, either alone or in teams - supports up to 8 players. Choose your loadout across 5 different disciplines - Offensive, Defensive, Area, Utility, and Travel. Engage in battle across 3 unique arenas, each with their own dangers and demands. Gain experience through battle, earning skins, weapons and more as you level up.

Spellsworn Reviews

Without being overly flashy, Spellsworn aims to be accessible and enjoyable, and it nails that when everything is firing on all cylinders.

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Nothing significant or interesting at all. The only redeeming factor is that it’s now free. Play ‘Majicka‘ instead, because if games were cocktails, ‘Spellsworn’ would be like being handed a shot glass of tap water.

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Spellsworn Release Trailer (2018) - Out now! thumbnail

Spellsworn Release Trailer (2018) - Out now!

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Spellsworn - Gameplay Trailer (Free-to-Play)

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Spellsworn Early Access Release Trailer


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