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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneApr 12, 2018
Nintendo SwitchApr 12, 2018

Publisher: HAMSTER Corporation

Gururin is an action-puzzle game released in 1994 by FACE. Enjoy a puzzle game the likes of which you've never seen before while rotating the Magic Troupe "Gururin"! Comes with One Player Mode, Challenge Mode (VS CPU), and Two Player Mode.

ACA NEOGEO Gururin Reviews

Gururin is proof that sometimes the best puzzle concepts are sometimes met with a harsh dose of 'average'. Despite doing nothing technically wrong, it sadly falls short of other offerings on Neo Geo like the previously released Magical Drop series or the still stubbornly Switch absent Puzzle Bobble series.

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ACA NEOGEO Gururin is a tough recommendation, even for hardened veterans of falling block puzzlers.

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