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Toon War

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General Information

Available on:Wii UMar 15, 2018
PCMar 5, 2018

Developer: Lemondo Games

Toon War is a twin-stick shooter game with colourful and vivid graphics. Your mission is to liberate peaceful villages from evil forces, eliminate enemies and win over dangerous bosses. Enjoy the game in single-player mode or with your friend in two-player co-op mode. - Play as a military vehicle or a drone - Play a large number of levels offering different gameplay types and pace - Play in different types of worlds, including snow, water and air landscapes - Enjoy various game modes as you take on bosses in regular, runner, and survival modes - Defuse bombs and rescue hostages CHARACTER UPDATES AND CUSTOMISATION - Different types of primary and secondary weapons - Armour updates - Speed and endurance updates

Toon War Reviews

Toon War could have used a lot of balance. What could have been a mindless, ordinary shooter becomes a lot more frustrating with its broken leveling system. Those looking for a solid twin-stick shooter should check out titles like Nex Machina instead.

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Toon War - Official Game Trailer by Lemondo Games

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