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So Long Grandma

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General Information

Available on:PCMar 15, 2018

Developer: Pixidraft Studios

Genre: Action

Grandma, with only 7 days of life remaining, has but one dying wish yet to be crossed from her bucket list. She wants to witness firsthand the majesty and beauty of the ocean. Unfortunately grandma is currently drowning in a sea of medical expenses that have left her with empty pockets and a shattered dream. How far would you go to help grandma? Would you toss her from the roof of a 6-story apartment building into oncoming traffic? The answer is "YES YOU WILL!" There is an abundance of cash free for the taking, but requires you to take this extreme measure to bank it. She sure is a tough old bird. Gameplay -Grandma will be flying high through 18 rounds of arm swinging, free falling, cop evading, coin grabbing action! -You will also earn money playing 6 mini games on your triple monitor computer setup. Be sure to check the kitchen daily. Grandma will occasionally leave you a nice little surprise to help you along the way.

So Long Grandma Critic Reviews

So Long Grandma is a broken game with an absolutely horrible premise. This is yet another ironic Steam game that decides to push the envelope in lieu of good gameplay or any semblance of taste.

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So Long Grandma Launch Trailer (Official) 2018 thumbnail

So Long Grandma Launch Trailer (Official) 2018

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So Long Grandma - Teaser #2 (PC)

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So Long Grandma - Teaser #1 (PC)


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